Wednesday, August 30, 2017

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No, it doesn't, Pepe. No, it doesn't.

Gilad Atzmon explains why identity politics is toxic, and how both left-wing and right-wing forms of identity politics are rapidly destroying what's left of Western civilization. For clarity's sake, let me note that left-wing proponents of identity politics are commonly known as Social Justice Warriors and that right-wing proponents of identity politics are commonly know as the Alt-Right.  

Incidentally, let me say that, in my view, "Social Justice Warriors" is a most unfortunate name for these 21st century Red Terrorists, since they don't actually believe in social justice. To me, social justice means a commitment to building a better society for all of society's members. The best definition of social justice that I know of comes from José Antonio Primo de Rivera: "My dream is that of Fatherland, Bread, and Justice for all Spaniards, but especially for those who cannot love their Fatherland, because they lack Bread and Justice." 

Instead of drawing upon the teachings of José Antonio, the so-called Social Justice Warriors have embraced Marxism and postmodernism -- probably the two most destructive ideologies of modern times. As a result, they promote hatred of those who do not belong to their favored particular social classes, races, and/or sexual identity groups. As a result, Social Justice Warriors hate white people, especially white heterosexual cisgender males. If you want to see a prime example of how Social Justice Warriors think, get a load of this rubbish. (Special thanks to Rod Dreher for referring me to that video). 

Despite their lack of belief in Social Justice, since the name "Social Justice Warriors" has caught on, I'll use it, too. 

As for the Alt-Right, they're no better than the Social Justice Warriors. The Alt-Right, too, is filled with hate. Alt-Rightists are essentially neo-Nazis. Indeed, the very term “alt-right” was coined by neo-Nazi Richard B. Spencer in an attempt to rebrand this odious ideology. While the alt-right has called attention to very real problems — such as the challenge of assimilating millions of refugees into European culture and society — it offers no viable solutions. Anti-semitism, Hitlerism, genocide — these are dead ends for humanity, just as Marxism and postmodernism are.       

Key excerpts from Atzmon: 

“While the old Left made an effort to unite us all: gays, blacks, Jews or Whites into a political struggle against capital, the New Left has managed to divide us into ID sectors. We are trained to speak ‘as a…’: ‘as a Jew,’ ‘as a black,’ ‘as a Lesbian.’ The new left has taught us to identify with our biology, with our gender, sex orientation and our skin colour, as long as it isn’t ‘White’ of course.” 

“Tragically, ID politics is a very dangerous political game. It is designed to pull people apart. It is there to introduce conflict and division. ID politics doesn’t offer a harmonious vision of society as a whole. Quite the opposite, it leads to an increasingly fractured social reality.” 

“America and the West must, at once, break away from all forms of ID politics. Instead of celebrating that which separates us, we must seek what unites and makes us into one people.  I am advocating a radical spiritual, ideological and metaphysical transition. Whether or not we like to admit it, these moments of unity are often invoked by waves of patriotism, nationalism and religious figures. But they could also be inspired by the spirit of justice, equality, compassion and love.  Neither the New Left or the Alt Right offers any of the above. They are equally invested in Identitarian ideologies.” 

Special thanks to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts for referring me to Atzmon's article.

Finally, today is the International Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearances. Let us take this occasion to remember the countless crimes against humanity that have been perpetuated (and continue to be perpetrated) by dictatorships and to strengthen our own commitment to democracy and true social justice. That’s what democratic Falangism is all about.   


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