Monday, November 27, 2017

Recommended Reading: Cyber Monday Edition

Yes, I know Thanksgiving 2017 is behind us. But, at least it's Cyber Monday. Plus, it is now officially the Christmas season, so why not celebrate with a festive comic book story, even if it is Thanksgiving-themed?

Well, you're in luck: IDW Disney comics translator and dialoguer Joe Torcivia has just such a story up on his blog, featuring Tom and Jerry.

Some of the stereotypes of American Indians can be rather jarring. I know they were to me, and, as you can tell from the contents of this blog, I'm anything but politically correct! Once you get used to these, though, you'll find that this is a very endearing and amusing story, as Tom and Jerry stories tend to be.

This story vaguely reminds me of a classic Tom and Jerry cartoon: 1949's "The Little Orphan."

The main difference between "The Little Orphan" and the comic book story I'm about to link to is that while in "The Little Orphan" Tom plays the role of an American Indian and Jerry and Nibbles play Pilgrims, in the comic book story Tom's ancestor is shown as a Pilgrim while Jerry and Nibbles (who is named Tuffy in the comic books) are shown as Indians.

If you like "The Little Orphan," you'll like this story

Speaking of comic books, I've improved a couple of this blog's previous comic book-related posts by enlarging the pictures for greater ease of reading. If you haven't read these posts before (or if you did but didn't enjoy them that much because the pictures were annoyingly small), check them out here and here.  

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