Saturday, November 18, 2017

Testament of Francisco Franco


As the hour at which I must surrender my life to the Most High and appear before him to receive his unappealable judgement, I ask God to benignly welcome me to his presence, for I have wished to live and die as a Catholic. In Christ’s name I am honored, and it has been my constant desire to be a loyal son of the Church, within which I will die. I ask forgiveness of all, just as with all my heart I forgive all those who declared themselves my enemies, though I never regarded them as such. I believe and hope that I never had any enemies other than those who were enemies of Spain, which I love unto my last breath and which I promised to serve until the last moment of my life, which I know is at hand. 

I would like to thank all those who with enthusiasm, dedication, and abnegation have collaborated with me in the great task of forging a united, great, and free Spain. Out of the love I have for our fatherland, I ask you all to persevere in unity and in peace, and to treat the future King of Spain, don Juan Carlos de Borbón, with the same affection and loyalty that you have given me and lend him, at all times, the same support I have received from you. 

Do not forget that the enemies of Spain and of Christian civilization are alert. Please be vigilant yourselves, and, to that end, sacrifice all personal goals to the supreme interests of the fatherland and the Spanish people. Do not cease in achieving social justice and culture for all Spaniards and make that your foremost objective. Maintain the unity of the lands of Spain, exalting the rich diversity of its regions as a source of strength for the unity of the fatherland. 

I would like, in my last moment, to unite the names of God and of Spain and embrace you all to shout together, one last time, on the threshold of my death, 

  ¡Arriba España! ¡Viva España! 

Generalísimo Francisco Franco, Caudillo of Spain

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