Saturday, December 16, 2017

Cara al Sol

Some things need no introduction, and “Cara al sol” is one of them (well, at least if you're a Francoist Spain buff like me). Dramatizing a Falangist soldier’s comforting parting words to his lover as he marches off to fight for country and social justice, this 1935 song is the anthem of Falangism, as well as a key symbol of Francoism. The music was composed by Juan Tallería and the lyrics were written by José Antonio Primo de Rivera himself. For a brief and interesting account (in Spanish) of how “Cara al sol” was created, click here

The following are the original lyrics in Spanish, followed by my own translation of the lyrics into English: 

Cara al sol con la camisa nueva
que tú bordaste en rojo ayer,
me hallará la muerte si me lleva
y no te vuelvo a ver.

Formaré junto a mis compañeros
que hacen guardia sobre los luceros,
impasible el ademán,
y están presentes en nuestro afán.

Si te dicen que caí,
me fui al puesto que tengo allí.

Volverán banderas victoriosas
al paso alegre de la paz
y traerán prendidas cinco rosas:
las flechas de mi haz.

Volverá a reír la primavera,
que por cielo, tierra y mar se espera.

Arriba escuadras a vencer
que en España empieza a amanecer.

"Cara al Sol," by Carlos Sáenz de Tejada

Facing the sun in the new shirt
that you embroidered in red yesterday, 
that’s how death will find me if it should take me 
and I never see you again. 

I will form together with my comrades
who stand guard over the stars, 
with a hard countenance.  
They are present in our effort. 

If you should hear that I fell, 
know that I went to my post up there. 

Victorious flags will return
marching to the joyous rhythm of peace; 
attached to them will be five roses: 
the arrows of my quiver.

Springtime will laugh again; 
In the air, in the land, and in the sea we await it. 

Arise, squadrons, to victory, 
for in Spain a new day begins to dawn! 

Special thanks to DeroVolk for the music video and to for the Spanish lyrics. 

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